Online Workshop – 7 November 2020 – “Resolving the Mystery of Workplace Communication” with Oksana Hera

September 11, 2020

Come join us for an online workshop with Oksana Hera on workplace communication on Saturday, 7 November at 10:00 A.M. Receiving a request from a potential client may be both exciting and confusing, as their actual needs, wishes, and expectations about the training they are looking for may well be worlds apart. Once the trainer embarks on the journey of exploring the optimal approaches, they become a member of a team that should share both goals and responsibility for reaching… Read the rest

ELTABBer of the Month: Annie Heringer

September 2, 2020

You have worked on documentary film producing – what aspects were you responsible for, and have you brought anything from this field into your English teaching? I mainly worked as a producer/director on non-fiction TV series, which meant producing an episode from start to finish: researching stories and characters, going on the road with a small team to shoot, then back to the office to work with an editor to put it all together. There was a surprising amount of… Read the rest

Online Workshop – 3 October 2020 – “How to: Writing for business English” (with Simon Porter)

August 26, 2020

Join us for an online workshop on teaching writing for business English with Simon Porter. Workshop description: I used to hate teaching writing when I worked in language schools, and did everything I could to minimise or avoid doing so. It was only when I started to work in-house at a law firm (with demanding lawyers) did I realise firstly, how important writing is; and secondly, how to start teaching writing skills effectively. So, if you’re worried about teaching writing,… Read the rest

Online Workshop – 12 September 2020 – Case Study Analysis: Critiques, Problems and Decisions (with David Meier)

Come join us for an online workshop with David Meier on using case studies in the ESL and/or ESP classroom on Saturday, September 12th at 10:00 A.M. Case studies are mainly used as a teaching tool in the sciences, law, and business to promote critical thinking and problem solving, as well as to introduce new concepts and skills.  Some case studies are a problem to be solved, while others offer solutions to be critiqued.  Case studies are also rich in… Read the rest

Allia Sadeghipour

August 14, 2020

Born in Ohio, my parents moved to my father’s home country of Iran where Farsi became my mother tongue. A few years later, we moved back to the United States and eventually settled in the suburban ranch town of Temecula. As English is my second language, my struggles in school fueled me to become a teacher in my most difficult subject: English. I currently teach online English Composition and Argumentative writing courses for Saddleback, Irvine Valley, Volkhochschule Mitte and Speexx:… Read the rest

Online Workshop – 22 August 2020 – “Worth 1,000 Words: How to Communicate Visually (Even if You Think You Can’t Draw!)” with Sherri Williams

It’s obvious that we live in a visual culture – just walk down the street, step onto a train or open a social media website, and you’re bombarded by visual information. But how much are you using visual communication to facilitate learning in your language classroom? And are you teaching your students to communicate visually to better prepare them for working in an international context? Join visual communication expert Sherri Williams of Global Confidence for an interactive workshop where we… Read the rest

ELTABBer of the Month – Allia Sadeghipour

August 2, 2020

Contact:Allia Sadeghipour ( I’m always looking for collaborative opportunities and more work 😉 Website: I don’t have one for my teaching (I will soon! I promise!), but I do for my workshops and seminars ( Questions: Could you tell us more about how your struggles with English in school led you to become a teacher and also how your personal background helps you connect with your students or relate to them better?Born in Ohio, my parents moved to my father’s… Read the rest

ELTABB Interview – Jean Richter

July 1, 2020

What do you enjoy most about teaching?I love the never ending variety and the ability to reinvent myself when I get bored or fed up. The fact that there is always something to learn about the students or how to teach is just great.What has been your proudest or most exciting moment as an English teacher?A couple of years after I had started teaching, my boss at the school I was working in at the time (in Hamburg) asked me… Read the rest

18 July 2020 – Online Staff Room with Phoebe Blackburn – Teaching Green?

June 23, 2020

This July, we’d like to invite you back to the ‘ELTABB Staff Room,’ an interactive workshop in which Eltabb members bring their own teaching ideas/issues/questions to the table and explore them with others. This time it will be online, due to Corona restrictions, using Zoom and a digital whiteboard, Mural. (For those unfamiliar with these tools, you’ll be welcome to join 15 minutes earlier).  It’s no secret that many freelancers don’t have much contact with other teachers; the Staff Room is… Read the rest

ELTABB Interview – Vanessa Lanch

June 5, 2020

How did you discover your knack for teaching English? It really happened by accident. I had just arrived in Austria and was singing summer gigs and doing artistic training programs both there and in Italy. I wanted to stay in Europe longer, but didn’t really have a plan yet as to how I would manage it financially. A colleague of mine who was a musician in Vienna recommended that I teach business English with her. I started working with the… Read the rest