June 2019 Stammtisch at Restaurant Cafe Belibtreu

June 11, 2019

Join us at Restaurant Cafe Bleibtreu (S Savignyplatz) on Saturday, June 15th at 14:00 (right after Rachel Appleby’s workshop at TU Berlin ZEMS).  We like to meet up monthly as we believe that socializing and networking are as important as going to workshops and conferences. Are you new to ELTABB and would you like to get to know the other members in a more informal environment? Have you been in ELTABB for many years but you can’t seem to find… Read the rest

3rd IATEFL BESIG Online Symposium

This year ELTABB is very excited to be a part of the 3rd IATEFL BESIG Online Symposium. The event will be started with Japan and work its way west across the globe to highlight the cultural diversity of BESIG. The theme from Michael Carrier’s Iasi keynote was chosen and Future-proofing Business English Teaching is going to bediscussed.  Michael himself will open the event give a brief introduction. Each member group will have a speaker to discuss future directions in ELT. After, 1 or 2 moderators… Read the rest

Eltabber of the month: Stephanie Anderson

June 6, 2019

Contact: Website: Do you have any tips on teaching writing and training students to use the thinking skills behind the writing skills? Always answer “why” and “how”. Support your ideas with concrete examples. Show, don’t tell. Even for people who don’t need to write in their current or future jobs, everyone needs to be able to logically explain why they hold a particular opinion or belief, and to understand and share what experiences led them to that position.… Read the rest

English Trainer in Buch

June 2, 2019

Living English is looking for new CELTA qualified trainers to support our growing team. We teach general English for travel and hobby; business English at in-house locations and coaching for specific purposes. Times of classes vary and fees are open to negotiation, depending on experience and qualifications. We teach small groups, not exceeding 8 participants and our teaching rooms are located in the north-east of Berlin, 15 minutes from Gesundbrunnen – S-Bahn S2; bus 150/158. If you are a native… Read the rest

Eltabber of the month: Richard Shaw

May 14, 2019

Contact:        How did you get into teaching? It all started when I decided to move to Budapest, Hungary, in 2009 without much thought about what I really wanted to do, so I thought I would try my hand at teaching English until I found a “proper” job. Through teaching a variety of courses in my first couple of years, from middle managers to infants, I realised that I really enjoyed the interpersonal nature of the job and that teaching… Read the rest

Workshop with Rachel Appleby (15 June 2019) – Observations & Reflection: learning from each other, learning from yourself!”

May 5, 2019

Although it often seems easier in the short-term to teach in the same ol’ way, in the longer term we’re going to get bored, and stuck in a rut. So instead, why not exploit a chat over a coffee or beer with colleagues, and borrow a little freshness by finding out what they do?  This session will do two things:  outline a simple procedure for maximizing peer observations provide suggestions for working alone on your own teaching (not that a chat… Read the rest

May 2019 Stammtisch at Brauhaus in Spandau

Join us at the Brauhaus in Spandau at 18:00 on Friday, May 17th, 2019! This cozy watering hole is just a five-minute walk from the U7 (Altstadt Spandau) and offers a splendid selection of beverages and food! We like to meet up monthly as we believe that socializing and networking are as important as going to workshops and conferences. Are you new to ELTABB and would you like to get to know the other members in a more informal environment?… Read the rest

ELTABB Board Game meetup! Sunday May 19

It’s time once again for another board games afternoon! Let’s get together and play board and card games at the cozy Atopia Kaffeehaus on Prenzlauer Allee. Please bring any of your favorite board/card games you like – depending on how many people show up, we’ll likely split into small groups and play several games simultaneously. No need to come at the beginning or stay until the end – join us whenever you like. (Official end will be 8:00pm, but some… Read the rest

Kit Flemons

April 18, 2019

After doing various jobs in IT, Music and Design, in 2017 I decided I wanted to move to Berlin. I turned my love for English into a career, getting my Trinity CertTESOL qualification that summer. After graduating, I was hired by the private language school that had trained me, and since then have taught people of all ages from all around the world – from young children to business professionals. I believe that the most important purpose of learning a… Read the rest

Eltabber of the month: Brigid Thurgood

April 9, 2019

Contact: Question from Rosie: One of my favourite things about Berlin is the fact you never feel very far away from nature.  What did you enjoy most about living in Berlin or Brandenburg? I really like how easy it is to get around in Berlin. As someone who doesn’t have a car, I find the bicycle and public transit infrastructure here amazing. I also feel much safer as a woman out and about on my own in the city at… Read the rest