ELTABB Interview – Jean Richter

July 1, 2020

What do you enjoy most about teaching?I love the never ending variety and the ability to reinvent myself when I get bored or fed up. The fact that there is always something to learn about the students or how to teach is just great.What has been your proudest or most exciting moment as an English teacher?A couple of years after I had started teaching, my boss at the school I was working in at the time (in Hamburg) asked me… Read the rest

Online Workshop – 22 August 2020 – “Worth 1,000 Words: How to Communicate Visually (Even if You Think You Can’t Draw!)” with Sherri Williams

It’s obvious that we live in a visual culture – just walk down the street, step onto a train or open a social media website, and you’re bombarded by visual information. But how much are you using visual communication to facilitate learning in your language classroom? And are you teaching your students to communicate visually to better prepare them for working in an international context? Join visual communication expert Sherri Williams of Global Confidence for an interactive workshop where we… Read the rest

18 July 2020 – Online Staff Room with Phoebe Blackburn – Teaching Green?

June 23, 2020

This July, we’d like to invite you back to the ‘ELTABB Staff Room,’ an interactive workshop in which Eltabb members bring their own teaching ideas/issues/questions to the table and explore them with others. This time it will be online, due to Corona restrictions, using Zoom and a digital whiteboard, Mural. (For those unfamiliar with these tools, you’ll be welcome to join 15 minutes earlier).  It’s no secret that many freelancers don’t have much contact with other teachers; the Staff Room is… Read the rest

ELTABB Interview – Vanessa Lanch

June 5, 2020

How did you discover your knack for teaching English? It really happened by accident. I had just arrived in Austria and was singing summer gigs and doing artistic training programs both there and in Italy. I wanted to stay in Europe longer, but didn’t really have a plan yet as to how I would manage it financially. A colleague of mine who was a musician in Vienna recommended that I teach business English with her. I started working with the… Read the rest

13 June 2020 – Webinar with Claire Hart – Taking control of your workload instead of letting it control you

May 27, 2020

The greatest challenge I’ve faced as a freelance teacher and materials writer has been managing my workload. On the one hand, I need to pay the rent but, on the other hand, I’m no use to anyone if I’m exhausted all the time. Sound familiar?  Striking a balance between these two extremes had proven elusive to me until I started doing some personal development work. In this session, I’d like to introduce you to some techniques I have learned during… Read the rest

ELTABBer of the Month: Kit Flemons

April 30, 2020

Website: Contact: ● What teachers have you had that influenced your own teaching style?Hm, I think this goes right back to my school days; those teachers for whom education wasn’t so much about simple results, but about encouraging an interest in the subject. I think that’s something to be kept in mind when teaching English – there’s a reason most of our students want to learn, something more than simply ‘to be good at English’. When students are concentrating… Read the rest

16 May 2020 – Online Workshop – “Strange Attractors and the Gordian Knot” with Nick Munby

This is a hands-on workshop about using problem-solving exercises to develop critical thinking skills and discuss them in English. Problems are engaging, and demand solutions, thus providing considerable fluency practice, as well as opportunities for teachers to react to those errors that impede communication. Talking about thinking is a high-level language activity since the harder the thinking, the harder the listening and speaking. Problems by their very nature misdirect our attention. What tactics are available to avoid cognitive biases, those… Read the rest

ELTABBer of the Month: Alaa Aladini

April 11, 2020

Contact: or  Lessons presented on UNRWA TV More about UNRWA Questions: What first attracted you to teaching English and how did you get started? I started learning the English language when I was ten years old. I was inspired by the new language, the way the English teacher spoke to us, and the personality of the teacher himself. At that time, I decided to explore this language more and more; hence my dream to become an English teacher… Read the rest

Your Legal Rights and Options – Webinar for Freelance Teachers

For this webinar, all of Germany’s teaching associations have banded together to offer their membership some much-needed support in these uncertain times. Patrick Mustu, a lawyer and language trainer based in Düsseldorf will give a presentation outlining the current situation for freelancers with a specific focus on our industry and your rights as workers. He’ll give an overview of the various financial support packages in place in the different Bundeländer and give guidance on how to apply for them. The… Read the rest

25 April 2020 – Workshop – Leo Selivan – “Fill in the gaps: Re-thinking gapfill exercises”

March 12, 2020

***UPDATE*** Leo’s workshop will be going ahead but with a new time and will also be moved online and delivered via Zoom. The topic has also changed accordingly. When: Sat 25 April 2020, 10-12:30PM ***new time***Where: online via Zoom (see the Ning for the link)Registration: Due to technological limitations, our online events are currently only open to ELTABB and ELTA members. Members can RSVP on the Ning; other ELTA members can email Gap-fill exercises, in which learners have to fill in the… Read the rest