Copyright – What can we do?

September 22, 2012

By Khushi Pasquale When are we violating German copyright law? What materials can I use to put a course together for my students? Can I embed a YouTube video on my wiki? These were among the questions that formed the background of an on-site and remote workshop co-sponsored by IATEFL BESIG, Learning Technologies SIG and Munich English Language Teachers Association (MELTA). As the ELTABB satellite we gathered at the Berlin School of English to participate in the webinar. Jillian Carr… Read the rest

A Teacher’s Digital Toolkit

September 15, 2012

Workshop Review: Carl Dowse By Anna Bedewell Weekends are precious for us all and I was deliberating about attending Carl Dowse’s Teachers’ Digital Toolkit workshop for a long time. Luckily I made the right decision, as the course at GLS provided not only with a bag of digital goodies to supplement and support our teaching, but also a very enjoyable sociable weekend with Carl and the other participants. There were 10 of us in the end, a few less than… Read the rest

Power in PowerPoint – Creative uses for PPT in the BE classroom

September 8, 2012

Workshop Review: Leo Waters – Photos by John O’Dwyer Review by Leo Waters – Photos by John O’Dwyer Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (although not as bushy-haired as in his photo), Kees Garman dazzled us with what can be done with PowerPoint. Kees is on a mission to create a resource that people can readily use in the classroom, 111ppt-slide based activities, and this workshop was an ideal launching pad for his creative concept. This ELTABB event was a first time cooperation… Read the rest

Speed Networking

June 22, 2012

By Khushi Pasquale Twelve people attended the Speed Networking Event. It was one of the most lively ELTABB events I’ve ever attended. The mix was just right: old-timer and newcomer; business and academic; personal and professional; moderated and free-form. Anne started us off by floating the topic “Business Cards”. Quickly recommendations were offered for where to get free cards, the advantage of special paper or design, adding identity. Samples were sent around the table. Speed networking, based on speed dating… Read the rest

Selling ourselves

June 1, 2012

Workshop Review: Zoe Carruthers By Mike Truppiano & Anne Hodgson If you’re like us, you only want to teach and just let sales and marketing take care of themselves. Hopefully, our thinking goes, we’ll just get more and better referrals and all will be well. As Zoe Caruthers reminded us in her June 2nd workshop Selling Ourselves, that’s usually wishful thinking. While we may not be able to compete with the Wall Street Institute’s marketing budget, we should allocate time… Read the rest

Dealing with Classroom Challenges

May 12, 2012

Workshop Review: Tia Robinson This workshop addressed ELTABB members’ top challenges and used the participants’ collective knowledge to brainstorm possible solutions for managing the issues effectively and professionally.    Perhaps not surprisingly, participants independently came up with very similar top classroom challenges!  Here are our top classroom challenges along with the solutions we brainstormed: What do I do when my students are speaking their native language in class?  Reward students for English-only days by playing a game in the last 15… Read the rest

An Introduction to Coaching

April 21, 2012

Workshop Review: Ann Cartwright By Meli Solomon Ann Cartwright, experienced human resources manager, author and EFL trainer presented the key processes, skills and benefits of coaching as a workplace learning tool. Read the ELTABB event review by Méli Solomon: Well attended and well received.At the outset, I sensed some doubts about relevance, but as Ann responded to the multitude of questions and comments, the participants developed a greater appreciation for how coaching might be relevant to their training.  It’s important… Read the rest

21st Century Skills

March 10, 2012

Workshop Review: Vicki Hollett By Anne Hodgson, James Topping, Khushi Pasquale Sponsored by Pearson (thank you!) In the traditional classroom, the 3 R’s have now given way to the 4C’s – Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking and Creativity. Vicki presented these as 21st century skills needed to handle the challenges of our complex and competitive world. She asked us: Do we actually need to teach the 4Cs to our students? This may be a rhetorical question, but it’s clearly worth discussing… Read the rest

Games Play Us

February 11, 2012

Workshop Review: Nick Munby Nick Munby provided some new perspectives on games in the classroom. Games are often used as warmers, getting to know or wind down activities in the language classroom. But games can also serve as core activities designed to examine how we think, put ideas into words and negotiate relationships with other people. The workshop began with some probability and mathematical teasers which produced enthusiastic participation and the use of a surprising range of language. Later, participants… Read the rest

Research in Business English

January 21, 2012

Workshop Review: Evan Frendo Evan Frendo discussed recent research projects. Topics included needs analysis, corpus linguistics, workplace discourse, intercultural communication and the controversial subject of English as a Lingua Franca.In the second half, attention was turned to framework materials. These are materials which take the form of a template for student input. They don’t take long to produce and help the teacher acquire background knowledge of the learner’s work and language needs. The presentation is available in prezi… Read the rest