Ian Badger, Teaching communication skills in today’s business world

November 1, 2013

By Simone Neumann Friday afternoon, just before 4pm: A stone’s throw away from one of the busiest places in Berlin, a peaceful atmosphere was greeting us as we entered the bright and spacious meeting room at the Berlin School of English: Ian’s appearance convinced us on the spot that we had taken the right decision after a hard week’s work — a first and palatable impression of his expertise was served. About 20 willing listeners were taken on a tour… Read the rest

Marjorie Rosenberg: Learning Styles in Business English

September 21, 2013

Review by Jamie McDaniel On Saturday, September 21, 2013, ELTABB was very pleased to host Marjorie Rosenberg, Coordinator of the IATEFL Business Special Interest Group and author of Spotlight on Learning Styles: Teacher strategies for learner success. As participants in the 3-hour workshop, we not only received an in-depth overview of three distinct models for categorizing differences in the way students learn, but also had the opportunity to apply these models to our own learning, and to try out a… Read the rest

Andreas Grundtvig: Elephants in the Classroom – a Problem of Hedging

August 10, 2013

Review by Jade Blue Andreas Grundtvig’s session today was about ‘hedging’ (hedges are ‘words whose job is to make things fuzzier or less fuzzy’ Lakoff, G: 1972) in the English Language: how we use various degrees and types of politeness in different situations and the importance of this for students – particularly with intercultural groups. The workshop had a very ‘open’ quality to it and we, as participants, were able to share thoughts, experiences and ideas, and were encouraged to… Read the rest

The Teaching Body with Dyane Neiman and Khushi Pasquale

June 21, 2013

By Anne Hodgson Dyane and Khushi are leaving language teaching to coach public speakers. We invited them to give us impulses to improve our body language when we teach. On a warm mid-summer’s eve, they had us brainstorming, presenting, announcing, improvising, centering, interacting, and reflecting. Afterwards we had a cool drink together outside. Dyane has started a presentation coaching business, Moving Speaker. Both Khushi and Dyane are active at Mercury Toastmasters Berlin.… Read the rest

Intercultural Competence in English (ICE) Train the trainer 4-day certificate course with Rudi Camerer and Judith Mader

June 17, 2013

By Anne Hodgson Rudi Camerer and Judith Mader of elc (European Language Competence) Training and Consulting came to Berlin and gave us a 4-day train the trainer course to help us prepare learners for effective intercultural communication. A group of 12 participants, 7 from Berlin and 5 from elsewhere, one from as far away as Norway, met at GLS on 8/9 and 15/16 June 2013 to acquire the knowledge needed to become a licensed ICE-tester. I found Rudi and Judith’s… Read the rest

Grammar and how to teach it

May 25, 2013

Workhop Review: Dominic Braham and Anthony Gaughan By Jane Potts This was an excellent workshop as any of us who had done the CELTA training in Berlin would have expected. Anthony asked us to think of a metaphor, an image of what grammar represents for us. Easily the most unusual image came from Chris, who said that for him, grammar was an inlineskater pace-line. Once those of us who don’t skate, had discovered what a pace-line was, we could see… Read the rest

Learning about the TOEFL iBT®

April 19, 2013

By Anne Hodgson Thank you to Franziska Ruehl for a very enlightening all-day workshop with the opportunity to better understand the thinking behind and the assessment of the TOEFL iBT® test, administered online and recognized/required as an entry level test by over 9000 institutions world-wide. It was a great opportunity to see how the oral and written exams are assessed. We were given benchmark recordings and written answers, and then had the opportunity to try to assess other examples ourselves.… Read the rest

John Hughes, Using Video in Business English and Redefining Meetings

April 1, 2013

By Patricia Hankins John Hughes’ presentation March 9th was about using video in Business English. It was sponsored by ELTABB and Oxford University Press. The Berlin School of English graciously let us use their premises. The presentation was interesting and well worth attending. Not only did John Hughes share videos with us, but he also demonstrated how we the participants could use them by having us do the exercises in a shortened form.     Using Video in Business English… Read the rest

Scott Thornbury – The Learning Body

February 16, 2013

By Jane Potts Scott came from Barcelona to talk about what he described as a “work in progress” – tied in with his forthcoming book: The task at hand: Noticing as a mind-world phenomenon – Jacknick, C. and Thornbury J. and his paper to be published in 2014: “The Learning Body” in Arnold, J. and Murphey, T. (eds) Meaningful Action: Earl Stevick’s influence on language teaching, OUP This was not Scott’s first talk to ELTABB members and he expressed concern… Read the rest

Tips and techniques for teaching English for Specific Purposes

January 26, 2013

Workshop review: Evan Frendo By Tihana Romanic Evan Frendo’s two day, 20 hour, course was aimed at experienced trainers. On the 26th and 27th January it summoned 12 like-minded ESP trainers, eager to learn and share ideas with each other, from Berlin, Frankfurt and Leipzig. We were all keen on finding out in whether this workshop was going to improve our ‘efficiency, effectiveness and profitability’ as promised. Reflecting back on what happened during those 20 hours I think it is… Read the rest