ELTABBer of the Month: Shaun Trezise

September 12, 2019

Contact: learnenglishinberlin@gmx.de Website: www.learnenglishinberlin.com or https://www.facebook.com/learnEnglishinBerlin/  Questions: It sounds like you first became an English teacher almost by accident. What about your initial teaching experience led you to further pursue the degree and career that you did? Well, it wasn’t exactly an accident; it had been at the back of my mind for years but circumstances had not really allowed it. I just found once I started that I really enjoyed interacting with people, but I think what I most… Read the rest

ELTABBer of the month: Yuliya Shtaltovna

August 6, 2019

Contact: +49 1778905106 Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yuliyashtaltovna/ What made you decide to become an English Teacher in general, and what drew you to Business English in particular? I had a tough choice. I literally enjoyed all school subjects: IT and Maths, Physics and Biology, French and English. I decided to deepen my knowledge in each rather than to specialize in one. Therefore, my choice was a BA degree in English/Ukrainian Linguistics and later an MA degree in Pedagogy for Universities with a… Read the rest

Eltabber of the Month: Mandy Welfare

July 8, 2019

Contact: english@mandywelfare.com Website: www.mandywelfare.com How did you become interested in Business English in particular? What led you to that specialty? I jumped in (or rather was pushed in!) at the deep end the week after my CELTA, taking on a last-minute business English class for a language school in Barcelona. With students staggering in late, I started each class asking what had been happening at work. It really sparked my interest in business practices, but it wasn’t until I got… Read the rest

Eltabber of the month: Stephanie Anderson

June 6, 2019

Contact: global.nomad.english@gmail.com Website: www.GlobalNomadEnglish.com Do you have any tips on teaching writing and training students to use the thinking skills behind the writing skills? Always answer “why” and “how”. Support your ideas with concrete examples. Show, don’t tell. Even for people who don’t need to write in their current or future jobs, everyone needs to be able to logically explain why they hold a particular opinion or belief, and to understand and share what experiences led them to that position.… Read the rest

Eltabber of the month: Richard Shaw

May 14, 2019

Contact: richardshaw12002@gmail.com        How did you get into teaching? It all started when I decided to move to Budapest, Hungary, in 2009 without much thought about what I really wanted to do, so I thought I would try my hand at teaching English until I found a “proper” job. Through teaching a variety of courses in my first couple of years, from middle managers to infants, I realised that I really enjoyed the interpersonal nature of the job and that teaching… Read the rest

Eltabber of the month: Brigid Thurgood

April 9, 2019

Contact: www.shibboleth-english.com Question from Rosie: One of my favourite things about Berlin is the fact you never feel very far away from nature.  What did you enjoy most about living in Berlin or Brandenburg? I really like how easy it is to get around in Berlin. As someone who doesn’t have a car, I find the bicycle and public transit infrastructure here amazing. I also feel much safer as a woman out and about on my own in the city at… Read the rest

Eltabber of the month: Rosie Lee and Ken Powell

March 9, 2019

Rosie Lee Rosie’s contact: lee.srm@gmail.com Ken Powell Question from John: Have you ever been to India? If yes, why? If not, would you like to go there, why and what would you do there?  Rosie: I’ve never been to India but I would love to go. I think one of the first things I would do is travel and see as much of the country as I can, perhaps choosing a spot to settle for a while and teach English. I… Read the rest

Eltabber of the month: John O’Dwyer

February 7, 2019

Website:  http://letterfromberlin.blogspot.com Question from Paul: Were you always an EFL teacher, and if not why not? Thanks for nominating me and your question, Paul. No, I was not always an EFL teacher. I had a number of careers and a period at Sussex University as a ‘mature student’. I worked on projects in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan until 1987. I then started teaching in Brighton and got a teaching certificate from the University of Cambridge. I was also diagnosed with thrombosis… Read the rest

Eltabber of the month: Paul Hewiston

January 7, 2019

1. Question from Carol: What kinds of things have your students taught you? Listen to what the student wants to learn before you start teaching what you want to teach. 2. For someone who has only taught in Germany, what are some of the challenges one might face when starting work in an Arabic culture? For men, any kind of physical contact with women in some Arab countries is best avoided. For women, the problem can be social isolation. Going… Read the rest

Eltabber of the month: Carol McGuigan

December 10, 2018

1. Question from Nick: Which issues are most frequently cited by Business English students as being most problematic for them? It used to be grammar that students would agonise about, although their inaccuracies rarely impeded communication. Now, increasingly, I’m hearing about difficulties understanding accented English from business partners, sometimes non-native speakers – Indian, Spanish and Chinese for instance – but also American and British. The remedy, as with other areas, is practice. Students can assume nothing can be achieved by… Read the rest