Business English Trainer (Potsdamer Plz)

January 26, 2020

Job:  We are searching for a new member to add to our growing team at Barlingua. We offer in-house language classes and are looking for a language trainer who would be interested working twice a week in the Potsdamer Platz area.

The students would really like to practice their negotiating skills and presentation skills in English. The overall focus of the course should be on business English. Further details about the content of the course can be discussed in a face to face meeting.

Offered by:                                                    Barlingua (

Location:                                                         Potsdamer Platz

Day/Time:                                                      Wednesdays and Thursdays, early mornings. (Teachers are free to take on just one appointment).

Group size:                                                     3-5 participants

Level:                                                               Currently awaiting results from placement tests.

Teacher materials/focus:                           The course material should be focused on Business English.

Pay:                                                                  45€ (90 minutes) + Bonus

Special requirements:                                 We are searching for experienced English language trainers who are motivated and can inspire their students with their passion for teaching English. The teacher should have a command of English at native-like level and should have a recognised teaching qualification (CELTA, Trinity Cert TESOL or equivalent).

Contact person:                                            Please send your application to Graeme Jones,, 01578 328 2682